Definition of handbrake turn in English:

handbrake turn


  • A skidding turn in a fast-moving car, typically through 180°, effected by a sudden application of the handbrake.

    • ‘With the full showcase now available, Sia has pulled a handbrake turn and skidded neatly in to the space marked ‘this year's diva’.’
    • ‘He would rive along the track for a few yards then do a handbrake turn to turn around and then go down and do the same again, going back and fore.’
    • ‘Adrian's design depicts the Olympic in 11 life-size steel contour layers, as if the car is skidding along Nelson Street and attempting a handbrake turn into Drake Street’
    • ‘A motorist has been fined £350 after being caught performing an illegal handbrake turn in Trowbridge then forging the MOT certificate he was asked to present to police.’
    • ‘Got a way to go on the muscle memory, but I was merrily pootling around, changing gears, reversing, the odd handbrake turn, etc.’


handbrake turn