Definition of hand something out in English:

hand something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Give a share of something or one of a set of things to each of a number of people; distribute.

    ‘Ralph handed out cigars’
    • ‘However, Scottish Power has said it is likely to get rid of its Thus shares by handing them out to its own shareholders.’
    • ‘The pub will also be doing street promotions where vouchers for a free drink will be handed out, which doubles as an entry form.’
    • ‘Beer giant Budweiser is to be hauled before a court to explain how a promotional event where free drinks were handed out to revellers ended in the death of a student.’
    • ‘Police were so concerned, special kits for marking valuables called SmartWater kits have been handed out for free in the area.’
    • ‘Compensation also came from a charity fund, which accumulated donations from all over the world, divided the money into 352 equal shares and handed it out to close relatives.’
    • ‘Also, better yet, ingratiate your gaming buddies big time by handing bunches of them out.’
    • ‘Gifts not distributed during the party will be handed out to pre-schools early in 2005, the NMCF announced yesterday.’
    • ‘Free low-energy bulbs will be handed out today in the Mill Gate centre in Bury.’
    • ‘There was also an exhibition showing how Frenchwood has changed over the years, and free pedometers were handed out.’
    • ‘Topman gift cards will be handed out for free, featuring amounts from £1 to £200 for people to spend in store.’
    distribute, hand round, give out, give round, pass out, pass round, share out, dole out, dish out, deal out, mete out, issue, circulate, dispense
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  • 2Impose or inflict a penalty or misfortune on someone.

    ‘harsher punishments are being handed out to reckless drivers’
    • ‘Xinhua did not specify which kinds of punishments were handed out, or describe the nature of the civil servants' negligent acts.’
    • ‘In May, eight caravans were taken straight off the road, mainly because they were too heavy for the vehicles towing them, while two fixed penalties and 13 warnings were handed out for the same reason.’
    • ‘Strict penalties will be handed out to those involved in the smuggling or illegal collection of birds, he added.’
    • ‘The reason - what the Ninth Circuit is looking at - the issue here is how the death penalty was handed out in the first place, whether it was a judge or jury.’
    • ‘Time and time again fouls were committed, and no punishment was handed out.’
    • ‘If it is badly done, stiff penalties are handed out.’
    • ‘Although publisher Greg McLean insists that the decision to reprimand the journalists was his alone, a memo was circulated to CanWest publishers and editors around the country on the day the disciplinary measures were handed out.’
    • ‘Indeed, punishments are handed out differentially on this basis all the time.’
    • ‘The punishments were handed out on Thursday in Sydney after a four-hour disciplinary hearing led by the International Rugby Board's judicial officer Brian McLaughlin.’
    • ‘Financial penalties will be handed out to councils who fail to meet targets.’