Definition of hand in glove in English:

hand in glove


  • In close collusion or association.

    ‘they were working hand in glove with our enemies’
    • ‘There was speculation that a few corporates were hand in glove with institutional players and brokers to depress the market so that there would be a substantial reduction in the equity valuation of the stocks.’
    • ‘Our ultimate ambition is to have our own Rugby Development Officer working hand in glove with the schools.’
    • ‘I am tempted to ask, if the government is tied hand in glove to corporate America, whistling to the tune of almighty trade, who is running the corporate world?’
    • ‘However, as is the case with a number of areas of artefacts and the like, there is also hand in glove with that a black market trade in fossils which is a worldwide situation and a fairly considerable one at that.’
    • ‘And if you didn't already know that fashion and music go hand in glove, hip-hop label Dawn Raid are part of the action for the first time.’
    • ‘Where there are allegations of a criminal offence we work hand in glove with the police.’
    • ‘They are looking to open up Libya and transform it, so the two do go hand in glove.’
    • ‘Unless the government officials are hand in glove with the builders, illegal construction cannot come up.’
    • ‘They blocked the road for about two hours and raised slogans against the police alleging it was hand in glove with the six persons against whom a case had been registered.’
    • ‘We have worked hand in glove for over 50 years to establish international institutions and a set of norms to govern civilized behavior in the era of nuclear weapons and an increasingly interdependent world.’
    in close collaboration, in close association, in close cooperation, very closely, closely together, in partnership, in league, in collusion
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