Definition of hand gallop in English:

hand gallop


  • An easily controlled gallop.

    ‘hack classes where a hand gallop and stop are required’
    • ‘‘The verb to canter is, of course, a contraction of a ‘Canterbury gallop’, which was the easy hand gallop into which the pilgrims urged their horses, possibly when they came to level stretches of the South Downs.’’
    • ‘No more than 8 horses will be asked to hand gallop on the rail at one time.’
    • ‘The mandatory gaits are walk, trot, canter and hand gallop, to be shown both ways of the ring.’
    • ‘A lot of them just go for flat out speed and to me that's not what a costume horse does at a hand gallop.’
    • ‘I got to pick exactly where I wanted to get the trot and the hand gallop,’ Goulart explained.’
    • ‘Since there was space to ride horses at speed, the hand gallop and gallop were part of a rider's repertoire.’
    • ‘Then Arialana started running, at a hand gallop at first.’
    • ‘The judges called back these six to perform in reverse order a demanding test that included two changes of lead, a hairpin rollback turn, a hand gallop fence and a trot fence.’
    • ‘They are ridden in informal saddle seat attire at a walk, trot, canter, and hand gallop.’
    • ‘Your torso should be inclined forward at the hand gallop, ‘with the motion’ of the horse.’
    • ‘Young stock, who will be racing, will be taught to hand gallop in a controlled environment.’
    • ‘McAlary did not go fast in her hand gallop, but her counter canter was excellent as well.’
    • ‘I've seen Olivia hand gallop him around and bring him to the halt and hand him to the nearest stable hand without cooling him down.’
    • ‘The hand gallop calls for a significant increase in pace, a shortened rein length, and a lighter two-point position.’
    • ‘Hunter Hack class judged at the walk, trot, extended trot, canter, hand gallop, and over two trotting height fences.’
    • ‘Road hack will be required to walk, trot, working trot, canter, and hand gallop both ways of the arena.’
    • ‘The horse should be willing to extend to hand gallop if the judge requires it.’
    • ‘The hand gallop is not a fast, collected canter but a true lengthening of stride, correct and straight on both leads.’