Definition of hand dryer in English:

hand dryer

(also hand drier)


  • An electrical device, typically in a public toilet, for drying a person's hands by blowing warm air over them.

    ‘an automatic hand dryer’
    • ‘He confirmed that bathrooms would be fitted with soap and hand driers.’
    • ‘After seven years of research and development, he has done it again—only this time, the inventor has improved hand dryers instead of vacuum cleaners.’
    • ‘They quoted a study that said that paper towels and warm air hand dryers generate 70 percent or more carbon emissions than this model of hand dryer.’
    • ‘There's little that hasn't aged well, although the gag about those newfangled electric hand dryers in public restrooms does feel a little 20th century.’
    • ‘The walls by the hand driers is covered with a dark spots that look like mold.’
    • ‘One parent said her daughter and classmates had suffered several bouts of gastroenteritis, due to the lack of soap and hand driers.’
    • ‘This was a combined inset wall-mounted sink, tap, soap dispenser, and hand drier in one unit.’
    • ‘If you're striving for a greener lifestyle, even a small change can reduce your carbon footprint: hand dryers are the quick and quiet solution designed to meet company's everyday needs.’
    • ‘One of my biggest pet peeves has got to be hand dryers in public restrooms.’
    • ‘He dissuaded passengers from using the hand drier in the toilets because it had 'all the power of a gentle summer breeze'.’
    • ‘Hand dryers sell you on how hygienic they are, since you usually don't need to touch them.’
    • ‘The speaker can blast out tunes with the potency of a bathroom hand dryer.’
    • ‘With all the new technology in restroom hand driers, you might think blowers are more hygienic than a simple sheet of paper.’
    • ‘People with hearing aids may be particularly affected by the noise made by the hand dryers.’