Definition of hand crank in English:

hand crank


  • A crank that is turned by hand.

    • ‘I still use the hand crank as opposed to a machine - I like to think it gives me exercise!’
    • ‘Private Confederate citizens built the Hunley, a primitive submarine powered by a hand crank.’
    • ‘The machine will also feature a hand crank to recharge the batteries, 4 USB ports, and Wi-Fi hardware.’
    • ‘The ‘twittering’ in the title doubtless refers to the birds, while the ‘machine’ is suggested by the hand crank.’
    • ‘The hammer was soon replaced by a magneto powered with a hand crank.’


[with object]
  • Operate (a device) by turning a crank by hand.

    ‘the Professor began to hand-crank the machinery’
    ‘a hand-cranked generator’
    • ‘Exposure depended on the speed of hand-cranking the slow black-and-white film.’
    • ‘For example, on reading Fara's chapter titled ‘Robert Boyle and the Air-pump,’ one might infer that Boyle invented the first hand-cranked vacuum pump.’
    • ‘While Goffe's ‘inferior’ knitter was sold in New York City, the most likely hand-cranked knitting machine was that of Jonas B. Aiken.’
    • ‘In 1846 the first hand-cranked ice cream machine was made by Nancy Johnston, the dessert became a favorite summer past time in American households.’
    • ‘The gear and flaps were hand-cranked and I used two of the available three applications of brakes after the power was off.’