Definition of Hammond organ in English:

Hammond organ


  • A type of electronic organ.

    • ‘They take centre stage among a small eclectic ensemble of instruments, including two Hammond organs, electrically amplified violin and vibraphones.’
    • ‘Acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica, Hammond organ all flow in and out of the mix, the melodies are slow burning, the musicianship expert.’
    • ‘A Hammond organ, an eerie guitar run, Simonellli's voice, never rise beyond a tired moan as the car catapults ‘the body into a panorama of ancient trees and Van Gogh yellows’.’
    • ‘Instead, there was a Hammond organ, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes and Barbieri's collection of analog synths, which includes a Prophet 5 and a Roland System 700.’
    • ‘Songs here are lush with bongo breaks, Hammond organs, brass hits, sparse cuts of old school rap and the recycled wails of some painfully soulful women.’


1930s: named after Laurens Hammond (1895–1973), American mechanical engineer.


Hammond organ

/ˈhamənd ˌɔːɡ(ə)n/