Definition of hammily in English:



  • See hammy

    • ‘Her delivery is mannered: grandstanding effects punctuated by hammily deadpan understatement and coyly rhetorical pauses emerging from a face cosmeticized into a comic mask.’
    • ‘Bulldog was just stupid and hammily overplayed.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, what Cecil offers seems little better - it's little more than an episodic series of hammily acted altercations between his shrill cast and various bemused multiplex employees and film producers.’
    • ‘The Television Without Pity recapper seems to think the father is played too hammily, but I thought the point was to show a certain kind of father who intentionally hams it up, which I find endearing.’
    • ‘Even when Bird ramps up the wattage, as on the hammily Beatle-esque ‘Opposite Day’ and the grandly theatrical ‘The Naming of Things,’ Eggs rarely causes a fuss.’