Definition of hammering in English:



  • 1mass noun The action or sound of hammering something.

    • ‘Since the research began Sheffield city centre has been transformed with a raft of new clubs and shops opening as well as much drilling and hammering as building on new city apartments gets under way.’
    • ‘However, this is when I discovered that I am not exactly coordinated with the hammering of the nails.’
    • ‘There was a sudden urgent hammering in the hallway.’
    • ‘The sound of hammering and voices attracted the attention of trading standards officers at a car scrap yard.’
    • ‘After observing what must have been hours and hours of detailed stitching, beading, hammering of some metals, one can allow for and appreciate Hakonson's sense of humour coming through.’
    • ‘They have been starting work at 8.00 am every weekday morning with a few minutes of pointless hammering, thus causing me to leave the house as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘Built my shelves late morning, leaving the hammering until there was a fair chance the neighbours would be up.’
    • ‘Thinking about something else distracts my attention, causing bad hammering to ruin my work.’
    • ‘Accompanied by the sound of hammering, cursing, and drilling, Graham has been populating the walls with pictures, plates, and other bits of our stuff.’
    • ‘Work that involved hammering or noise was not undertaken on Good Friday.’
    • ‘Amid the sounds of hammering and drilling, I shuffled about having breakfast and reading the post.’
    • ‘The prow was removed by drilling, and hammering wedges, and it was this hammering that could be heard from inside.’
    • ‘I walked up the stairs in the balcony, hearing my own footsteps which sounded like someone hammering.’
    • ‘It stays silent for a while, and then the hammering begins.’
    • ‘There are the menacing lorries and tipper trailers that are parked on the roads, and there is daylong hammering and tinkering and revving of engines for repairs.’
    • ‘We're thrilled to have with us the guys who do the hammering, the plumbing and the hosting on the show.’
    • ‘I am no good with a hammer, and should not pursue a career requiring hammering.’
    • ‘Over the next four years they contacted the council repeatedly about loud music, a barking dog and banging and hammering, including the laying of laminate flooring late at night.’
    • ‘Despite the hammering and sawing, the dirt and the dust on Sunday, one could see that this is not a hollow claim because the structure is indeed audacious.’
    • ‘In fact, he was much more interested in all of the hammering and voices coming from the guys renovating the old police station next door.’
  • 2informal A heavy defeat.

    ‘a 7–0 hammering by the league leaders’
    • ‘There was no such problems for Mike Kelly's QPR A who continued their winning ways with a 5-1 hammering of AC Athletic.’
    • ‘Wetheriggs were the most impressive winners in the Trophy matches with a 9-1 hammering of Shap.’
    • ‘Less than two years ago, York Wasps ended their season with a 70-8 hammering of a despairing Oldham side at Huntington Stadium.’
    • ‘Kildare's rousing and total game in that last 20 minutes will stand them in greater stead than Dublin's hammering of London.’
    • ‘However, they will next face a side who have enjoyed three consecutive wins, including last week's 62-20 hammering of Saddleworth Rangers.’
    • ‘York Nomads hit top form with a 9-1 hammering of Haxby Lions in division five.’
    • ‘His performances this season have been outstanding - particularly one goal and assist in a 4-0 hammering of Juventus.’
    • ‘Recent departee Damien Reid scored a hat-trick for Barrow in their 48-0 derby hammering of Workington last week.’
    • ‘His all-time favourite game, however, has got to be the 5-1 hammering of Germany in June 2001.’
    • ‘The coach had every reason to crow after Saturday's hammering of Widnes Tigers at Trimpell and says the attitude of his team is making his job easy.’
    • ‘Of course, a 5-0 hammering of the Quakers would have been welcomed with open arms but from there the only way is down and at least City have left room for improvement and kept expectation levels in check.’
    • ‘Darwen won their first NWCL Division Two game in five attempts with a 6-1 hammering of Castleton Gabriels at the Anchor Ground.’
    • ‘Malton and Norton drew level on points with leaders Pontefract at the top of Yorkshire One following a 49-7 hammering of Wheatley Hills.’
    • ‘After Tipperary's hammering of Clare in 1994, Tipp scored 2-29, Loughnane, then a selector, decided to take action.’
    • ‘Selby Warriors got their Yorkshire League division two campaign off to a great start with a 64-20 hammering of Ackworth.’
    • ‘It was Gary Bennett's Quakers who kick-started City's recent slide with their 4-0 hammering of the Minstermen in the LDV Vans Trophy last month.’
    • ‘Clifton FC top the division one table after an 11-1 hammering of Haxby Inn, the second successive 11-1 defeat for Haxby.’
    • ‘The Hawick pack fought for every scrap of ball and anyone who seriously thought Hawick's recent hammering at the hands of Glasgow Hawks made Mansfield Park any easier a place to come and get a win, was made to think again.’
    • ‘The 20-year-old was the inspiration behind Sevilla's four-goal hammering of Real earlier in the season.’
    • ‘This was, by far, Carlow's best performance of the year, exorcising that horrific hammering in Ballina five weeks ago when Mayo beat the Barrowsiders by 15 points.’
    crushing defeat, annihilation, drubbing, trouncing, rout
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  • take a hammering

    • informal Be subjected to a heavy defeat or harsh treatment.

      ‘small business is taking a hammering’
      • ‘Eriksson took a hammering in the press after defeat by Australia in a friendly at Upton Park last year.’
      • ‘One could only pity Laois as they took a hammering from mighty Tipperary in the All Ireland senior hurling championship qualifiers at O'Moore Park Portlaoise on Saturday.’
      • ‘As Thompson acknowledges, national pride took a hammering.’
      • ‘Last week PwC's client ScottishPower took a hammering on the markets following malicious rumours of accounting irregularities at its Pacificorp subsidiary.’
      • ‘It shed billions as banks and energy stocks in particular took a hammering, as nervous investors fled to safer environs.’
      • ‘City of York Hockey Club's first and second teams took a hammering from their Sheffield University Bankers rivals.’
      • ‘It was incredible that when Ulster had to travel across the pond last Saturday they took a hammering from the same 15 men that they had beaten six days before.’
      • ‘Still, Labour took a hammering by all accounts and since I couldn't think of who else to vote for it doesn't really matter.’
      • ‘Bridleway surfaces took a hammering from the water, while floods also washed away a section of the newly-created footpath for wheelchair users by the lakeshore at Monk Coniston.’
      • ‘He took a hammering for presiding over persistently high levels of unemployment and for less than impressive rates of economic growth.’