Definition of hammer something out in English:

hammer something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Laboriously work out the details of a plan or agreement.

    • ‘But the conditions are that the guerrillas call a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities - a non-starter as the rebels have always said a ceasefire could only be called after the details of a peace agreement had been hammered out.’
    • ‘Further details will be hammered out at working-level talks in the near future.’
    • ‘We finally hammered it out by the end of the summer.’
    • ‘As a writer or producer, you find yourself trapped in the middle and at first, you want to tell them, ‘Hey… you guys hammer it out and let me know what the decision is.’’
    • ‘In the end, there was too much opposition from business and development interests, so the CIR was put on hold while the superstore plan was hammered out.’
    • ‘Now, sources say that votes could come as early as next Wednesday in the House and Thursday in the Senate, when all the details are hammered out.’
    • ‘Scrap the Debate Commission and let the campaigns hammer it out between themselves each election.’
    • ‘The ministers will ask the officials to leave the room and hammer it out among themselves.’
    • ‘Each one thinking that the other is going to get some minor advantage by pulling some trick, and it just makes it hard to hammer this stuff out.’
    • ‘In each case, it's not the solution they hammer out that matters; it's the process of hammering it out.’
    thrash out, work out, agree on, sort out, decide on, bring about, effect, produce, broker, negotiate, reach an agreement on, come to terms about, come to a decision on, come to a satisfactory conclusion on, form a resolution about
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  • 2Play something on a piano loudly and unskilfully.