Definition of Hamiltonianism in English:



  • See Hamiltonian

    Hamiltonian (sense 2 of the adjective)
    • ‘Subjects that will be considered are the Marshall Court, the War of 1812, US-Muslim relations, Hamiltonianism, territorial expansion, Thomas Jefferson's vision for America, and slavery.’
    • ‘The most vital moment in this revival, according to Knott, was when Hamiltonianism melded with the Progressive movement in the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.’
    • ‘By late 1792 or 1793 the opponents of Hamiltonianism constituted a fairly definite national party, calling itself Republican.’
    • ‘The evaporation became evident in the decline of the Federalist Party and the alteration of the Republican stance toward the precepts of Hamiltonianism.’
    • ‘Yet Mead, far from denouncing it, believes that it is no less important to the American ‘style’ of foreign policy than is Hamiltonianism, Jeffersonianism, and Wilsonianism.’


mass noun
  • Political theory or practice based on the doctrines of the American statesman Alexander Hamilton.

    ‘Hamiltonianism was about spurring individual initiative, but it was also about gathering the fruits of that energy in the cause of national greatness’