Definition of hamadryad in English:



  • 1Greek Mythology Roman Mythology
    A nymph who lives in a tree and dies when the tree dies.

    • ‘The Petite Commande, a suite of statues of satyrs and hamadryads, embodied the rustic character of the place.’
    • ‘Mortals harmed the hamadryads by killing their trees.’
    • ‘As dryads are generally spirits of oak trees, hamadryads exhibit more power over the forest.’
    • ‘A hamadryad gets her power from her tree, and a dryad gets her power from the whole forest.’
    • ‘Masquerading the satyrs and hamadryads as famous characters in the history of art is the primary burlesque idea of the Petite Commande.’
  • 2

    another term for king cobra
    • ‘The King Cobra or Hamadryad, is the largest of all poisonous snakes.’
    • ‘The Hamadryad’s appointed diet is one ring-snake per week.’


Via Latin from Greek Hamadruas, from hama ‘together’ + drus ‘tree’.