Definition of ham-handedly in English:



North American
  • See ham-handed

    • ‘Most informed observers would agree that this command, although often misunderstood and ham-handedly implemented, has helped religious faith thrive in the context of American democracy and pluralism.’
    • ‘But the point can be made so frequently and unsubtly - and even ham-handedly - by the convention organisers that it frequently assumes something of the character of self-caricature.’
    • ‘The entire dark tone, from the environments to the acting to the plot itself, feels almost ham-handedly delivered and extremely forced, making you not particularly care about any of the characters, especially our ‘hero.’’
    • ‘The real problem is that what we have here, in the first decade of the 21st century, is a Soviet-style centralised bureaucracy intervening ham-handedly in the market.’
    • ‘Jump sideways now, because a van-load of bank robbers lead by Winston Briggs is arriving at the same bank where Conway is ham-handedly trying to sweet-talk a pretty teller.’