Definition of ham-fistedly in English:



  • See ham-fisted

    • ‘In a world where most guitar groups regurgitate mouldy old ideas, floundering ham-fistedly around in a sea of stupidity and borrowed riffs, it's a relief to turn to this intelligent, confident and, dare one say it, tasteful record.’
    • ‘We get no sense of the Western society in which they live, apart from a ham-fistedly jolly counterplot about Ziad's friend running a pizza restaurant.’
    • ‘Biotic factors have even come into the courts; they've been ham-fistedly typed into philosophies, psychologies, and tourism brochures.’
    • ‘Anakin's nightmare brought tittering and giggles even from me it was so ham-fistedly portrayed.’
    • ‘Turn in a fraction too hard, ham-fistedly hammer the throttle, unsettle the car by just a fraction, and the traction control strangles the lumpy, aggressive boxer beat and the car redirects power to the front.’