Definition of halter-neck in English:



  • attributive (of a woman's garment) held up by a strap around the neck.

    ‘a white halter-neck bikini’
    • ‘One of the clothes we particularly loved was a black high neck round collared halter-neck top that Nicole had been very sceptical about.’
    • ‘Variety is what will get those halter-neck tops flying off the shelves.’
    • ‘I am currently considering whether judging the next round of debates in an orange halter-neck top would detract from my gravitas.’
    • ‘Alex had white trousers on and a pink halter-neck top.’
    • ‘Tailoring has given these garments a youthful feel, while strappy and halter-neck tops are evident of a break from the cultural norm.’
    • ‘Then I found a self-striped black halter-neck top from Next.’
    • ‘Riley wore a pair of black bootleg pants and a red halter-neck top with black boots.’
    • ‘The black material was actually a short, black halter-neck dress.’
    • ‘Irene wore a white halter-neck diamanté gown designed by Amanda Wyatt with a crystal tiara and white crushed velvet cape.’
    • ‘She had on a light blue halter-neck top over black trousers, with her blonde hair loose around her shoulders, and looked slim and sophisticated.’
    • ‘It is true that teenage mags can be vile little publications hellbent on creating a generation of Lolitas, dressed up in sparkly halter-neck frocks and the latest eyeshadow.’
    • ‘I bought a gold halter-neck dress for the graduation ball online, and I have just bought an ice cream maker as a wedding present for my brother.’
    • ‘She was wearing Miss Sixty combat jeans, a black halter-neck top, denim bikini, denim shirt and high-heel shoes.’
    • ‘Karina tries on a pair of suede pants and a halter-neck top to wear to the pub tonight.’
    • ‘‘This one looks best with that skirt,’ Ashleigh said pulling her black and white halter-neck top out.’
    • ‘The bridesmaids wore gold satin halter-neck dresses and carried bouquets of red roses and cream carnations.’
    • ‘The bouncer is being pestered by two girls wearing backless halter-neck tops and micro-skirts that leave little to the imagination.’
    • ‘The two older bridesmaid's dresses were handmaid with fitted skirts and halter-neck tops.’
    • ‘The halter-neck dress was tied around her neck, leaving her smooth olive-tanned arms bare.’
    • ‘It's hard to go shopping and look for some cool jeans and a halter-neck disco top when your Grandma is asking you whether Marks & Spencer sell nice saris!’


  • A halter-neck garment.

    • ‘Everyone would accept the duty to get their paid work done in the allotted time, from catching car thieves to buying shares, from wiping tables to fixing the railway network, from selling Lycra halter-necks to marking exam papers.’
    • ‘Yukiko is admiring the new halter-neck she bought as she walks along the street, behind her sister.’
    • ‘One was hot pink and black, the top was a halter-neck, with matching pants.’
    • ‘Anyway, I really love what they call halter-necks, they go all the way to your neck, but expose your shoulders.’
    • ‘Jess seemed to have dressed up, wearing a white glittery halter-neck.’
    • ‘I dressed in tight jeans, a striped halter-neck and black boots.’
    • ‘‘Ahem,’ came a little cough as Amber walked out in a pair of black leather pants and pink snakeskin halter-neck.’