Definition of halophile in English:



  • An organism, especially a microorganism, that grows in or can tolerate saline conditions.

    • ‘Often in conjunction with student groups, the DasSarma team has extensively sampled portions of the bay in search of novel halophiles and also to study the impacts of pollution on known species.’
    • ‘The population of viable halophiles is hypothesized to decrease as resources are depleted over time.’
    • ‘The secret to growing the slow-growing halophiles is to keep the nutrient concentration low enough to curb the growth of competing organisms.’
    • ‘With these adaptations the extreme halophiles are able to live in environments where most other organisms die and they therefore take advantage of a niche that is rich in nutrients.’
    • ‘Studying extremophiles such as halophiles on Earth may provide insights helpful in our search for life elsewhere in the universe.’