Definition of halogenic in English:



  • See halogen

    • ‘H-atoms of halogenic acetic acids are partly replaced by halogen atoms.’
    • ‘A live television camera and halogenic headlights allow positive identification of the target prior to detonation.’
    • ‘It is also probable under the limited oxygen control conditions of such a combustion that there will be Carbon Monoxide formed and perhaps even Phosgene as a result of the presence of chlorine (halogenic detergent) and carbon (product of organic combustion and in coal).’
    • ‘Volcanogenous rocks are found among halogenic formations so commonly that they, together with anhydrite, gypsum and limestone, may be considered as component part of these formations.’
    • ‘Association of halogenic minerals here is very poor: it consists of gypsum, calcite and sepiolite.’