Definition of hallucinogenic in English:



  • 1(of a drug) causing hallucinations.

    ‘LSD's hallucinogenic properties’
    • ‘They consume a hallucinogenic drug and then await a vision.’
    • ‘One minute, you're going to the kind of festivals that involve weird hallucinogenic drugs, the next you're watching a chef debone lamb and asking questions like, "Is it organic?"’
    • ‘It is a reasonably powerful hallucinogenic substance, not just a plant, and like any other drug, including those such as caffeine and paracetamol, may cause damage depending on how, and to what extent, it is used.’
    • ‘Almost somnambulant, he wanders through the forest, munching on hallucinogenic mushrooms.’
    • ‘Historically, hallucinogenic plants were used largely for social and religious ritual, and their availability was limited by the climate and soil conditions they require.’
    • ‘I haven't been ingesting hallucinogenic substances.’
    • ‘They engage in group meditation after ingesting a hallucinogenic tea.’
    • ‘They are forced to assemble the magazine while under the influence of a powerful hallucinogenic drug.’
    • ‘The hallucinogenic LSD could now be downgraded after the advisory body confirmed it plans to review that drug next.’
    • ‘A majority of parties in parliament has demanded the hallucinogenic mushrooms be outlawed.’
    1. 1.1 Resembling the hallucinatory effect produced by taking a psychedelic drug.
      ‘paintings in hallucinogenic colours’
      • ‘The series shows a variety of female faces collaged together and is hallucinogenic in its visual allure.’
      • ‘Seven engaged columns, each painted totem-fashion with two gargantuan faces, punctuate the hallucinogenic scene.’
      • ‘He remains active as ever as a filmmaker and theorist, as evidenced by a gorgeously hallucinogenic website.’
      • ‘The final, hallucinogenic images result from the play of light on the prismatic surfaces.’
      • ‘He has found a way to channel his prodigious, hallucinogenic imagination into a cohesive story line, to optimum results.’
      • ‘Slightly hallucinogenic or dreamlike, this piece seems to speak of another time.’
      • ‘The director deflects likely criticism by transforming his version of 1900 Paris into something out of a hallucinogenic fairy tale.’
      • ‘Through a blind energy of vision and director's will, the film comes together as a satisfying, creepy, and creative trip into hallucinogenic terror.’
      • ‘The painting depicts hallucinogenic mountain terrains against an acid-green background.’
      • ‘These early programs featured trippy, hallucinogenic animations that moved around the screen with perfect physics.’


  • A drug that causes hallucinations, such as LSD.

    ‘very strong hallucinogenics’
    • ‘Rations of food and water were spiked with a hallucinogenic.’
    • ‘She left school for the last time and spent most of her early teens raving, taking ecstasy and hallucinogenics.’
    • ‘They took a powerful hallucinogenic.’
    • ‘He brings her a hallucinogenic, in liquid form.’
    • ‘Brain cells have been lost thanks to an unfortunate experience with hallucinogenics that occurred during my midlife crisis.’
    • ‘I was convinced that someone had slipped a hallucinogenic into my iced tea.’
    • ‘The group makes psychedelic music born of cabin fever rather than hallucinogenics, and in their solitude.’
    • ‘The drug in question is a hallucinogenic.’
    • ‘I think we'll be talking about some of the same principles with regard to hallucinogenics as a potential medical benefit.’
    • ‘"As well as being a hallucinogenic," says Phillips, "the thorn apple has a fiery, hot taste and causes sweating and burning sensations throughout the body".’