Definition of Hallel in English:



usually the Hallel
  • A portion of the service for certain Jewish festivals, consisting of Psalms 113–118.

    as modifier ‘the Hallel psalms’
    • ‘The primary motif is Hallel, thanking Hashem for the great miracle of Jewish survival in general and Chanukah in particular.’
    • ‘He also argued that the evidence that the Hallel would have been sung at the Passover meal, came from the Talmud, which was written 300 years after Christ.’
    • ‘In the second stanza of Hallel, we say that the sea fled and the Jordan turned backward.’
    • ‘It was a better way of thanking God for salvation than just reciting the Hallel, which is also recited on other major festivals.’
    • ‘The first part of Hallel deals with the deliverance from Egypt and therefore belongs in the section of Magid.’


From Hebrew hallēl ‘praise’.