Definition of halier in English:


nounPlural haliers

  • A former monetary unit of Slovakia, equal to one hundredth of a koruna.

    • ‘After the singing, mother went out to present them with apples, nuts, a kolace and a halier or two.’
    • ‘If we were to look at the function of haliers strictly from the point of view of profit, we would have to decommission these too.’
    • ‘Now, the 1 and 2 crown coins will have to substitute the role of haliers and the currency will just go down deeper and deeper.’
    • ‘The halier 20 and 10 coins are not used anymore and can be exchanged in offices of National Bank of Slovakia.’
    • ‘Coins come in denominations of 50 haliers, and 1, 2, 5 and 10 SKK.’


Slovak; compare with haler.