Definition of halfwit in English:



  • A foolish or stupid person.

    ‘worst of all were the halfwits in the background, guffawing at every pathetic gag’
    • ‘They didn't have a final confrontation between Gandalf and Sauron, where they sit on a beach playing chess and discussing the fate of halfwits.’
    • ‘I always thought that the majority of people posting on Metafilter were halfwits only too eager to jump on a bandwagon.’
    • ‘And the next thing you know, you've got ignorant halfwits claiming that the ACLU is suing stores to stop them from saying Merry Christmas.’
    • ‘And they sing songs by halfwits like The Eagles and Bryan Adams!’
    • ‘For all the halfwits calling for these people to be fired, do they know how to lay track or fix a subway car?’
    • ‘It isn't just the Guardian that employs bumbling halfwits, you know.’
    • ‘Essentially, the sisters' show is a series of sketches set in a stage school which is staffed and attended by grotesques, halfwits and bubble-brained wannabes.’
    • ‘The climax of the movie, and oh boy is it ever a climax, was when the mayor held a press conference in the middle of the city square, surrounded by a crowd of inbred halfwits ingesting funnel cakes and holding balloons.’
    • ‘Not only are you the idiot of the month, you're the braindead cretin of the month and the muddleheaded halfwit of the month as well.’
    • ‘Let's just say we watched a lot of filmstrips because neither of these two halfwits knew a damn thing about the subject they were teaching.’
    • ‘The punchline is that no matter how many times this gets plainly shown to be true, the halfwits keep on using it.’
    • ‘Don't get us wrong, the Mercury panel might be a great big collection of dribbling halfwits as far as we know, but at least they know their music.’
    • ‘He is a cretin's cretin, a halfwit, an ignoramus in every respect.’
    • ‘The foot soldiers of this movement are mostly amiable halfwits.’
    • ‘Who are these halfwits they're dredging up for quotes?’
    • ‘Perhaps we shouldn't be too harsh on the halfwits who came up with these tautological complaints (don't dull, staid and uninteresting mean the same thing?)’
    • ‘It's quite simply that British television is now run by halfwits who are terrified for their jobs and obsessed with youth.’
    • ‘On my first trip to the pub I am reminded how half a dozen pints can reduce dazzling intellectuals to burbling halfwits.’
    • ‘I refuse to hand over my country to a bunch of halfwits who can neither protect us or care for us.’
    • ‘They'd love to believe that all the halfwits who listen to Tool actually don't get it, but really they're all listening to them for the same reason.’
    fool, idiot, ass, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod
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