Definition of halfpipe in English:



  • A ramp curving up at both ends or a snow-covered sloping channel with a U-shaped cross section, used by skateboarders, rollerbladers, snowboarders, etc. to perform jumps and other manoeuvres.

    ‘he went to Victoria Skatepark where he showed off his skills on the halfpipe’
    • ‘You want to match the angle of the start ramp like a skateboarder matches the angle of a skateboard ramp on a half-pipe.’
    • ‘A half-pipe is a U-shaped hollow cut into the snow in which competitors ski from one side to the other performing an array of tricks on which they are judged on.’
    • ‘Then we found a skating rink that had a half-pipe and a quarter-pipe, so we'd go in there every Friday night, and a local ramp at a pool, which in summer is what we did every day.’
    • ‘The park now boasts a modern playground designed for under fives, ‘wacky and exciting’ climbing frames and bouncy horses, a skateboarding half-pipe and BMX ramps.’
    • ‘Ideas include traditional swings, roundabouts, climbing frames and slides, as well as skate boarding half-pipes and sports pitches.’