Definition of halfpennyworth in English:


Pronunciation /ˈheɪpnɪˌwəθ//ˈheɪpəθ/


  • As much as could be bought for a halfpenny.

    ‘a halfpennyworth of fish and chips’
    • ‘Mary Ann Chapman threw a halfpenny on the table and said ‘Go and get a halfpennyworth of soap.’’
    • ‘I then carried home my provision, and eat some more cheese with the other roll, and a halfpennyworth of apples by way of relish, and took a drink of water.’
    • ‘Prisoners' allowance was: debtors, three halfpennyworth of bread a day; felons, three halfpennyworth of bread and halfpenny in money every day (weight of threepenny loaf in January, 1775, 1lb. 14 ½ ounces); garnish prohibited.’
    • ‘Near adjoining to this abbey, on the south side thereof, was some time a farm belonging to the said nunnery, at which farm I myself, in my youth, have fetched many a halfpennyworth of milk.’
    • ‘‘We never got a ha'porth's change of 'im’ - that is, we had to pay the full price for everything.’