Definition of halfbeak in English:



  • A slender shoaling fish of coastal areas, with small pectoral fins and the lower jaw lengthened into a beak. It is related to the flying fishes and often skitters along the surface.

    Also called garfish in Australia and New Zealand
    • ‘Instead, our hypothesis suggests that halfbeaks are relatively basal members of Beloniformes, and the needlefish morphology is relatively derived.’
    • ‘Just as later he would return to listing woodpeckers, hawks and wild flowers in Carolina, he is obsessed by Whitman-like lists of fauna: lookdowns, triggerfish, halfbeaks, hairtails, blackbacks, mossbunkers and quahogs.’
    • ‘The phylogenetic position of needlefishes relative to halfbeaks fits his prediction.’
    • ‘Based on the additional support of molecular data, we hereafter use the name Zenarchopteridae for this monophyletic group of halfbeaks.’
    • ‘The plates are absent in halfbeaks and flyingfishes, thus the present topology requires their independent loss in the three halfbeak/flyingfish lineages, or their reappearance in the needlefish/saury lineage.’
    • ‘Flyingfishes are nested within halfbeaks, and sauries are nested within needlefishes.’
    • ‘In flyingfishes, and in some halfbeaks such as Arrhamphus (and other genera not included in this study, e.g., Chriodorus and Melapedaliori), the extended lower jaw is lost in adults.’