Definition of halfbeak in English:



  • A slender shoaling fish of coastal areas, with small pectoral fins and the lower jaw lengthened into a beak. It is related to the flying fishes and often skitters along the surface.

    Several genera and species in the family Exocoetidae, including the widely distributed Euleptorhamphus viridis

    Also called garfish in Australia and New Zealand
    • ‘Based on the additional support of molecular data, we hereafter use the name Zenarchopteridae for this monophyletic group of halfbeaks.’
    • ‘The plates are absent in halfbeaks and flyingfishes, thus the present topology requires their independent loss in the three halfbeak/flyingfish lineages, or their reappearance in the needlefish/saury lineage.’
    • ‘Just as later he would return to listing woodpeckers, hawks and wild flowers in Carolina, he is obsessed by Whitman-like lists of fauna: lookdowns, triggerfish, halfbeaks, hairtails, blackbacks, mossbunkers and quahogs.’
    • ‘The phylogenetic position of needlefishes relative to halfbeaks fits his prediction.’
    • ‘Instead, our hypothesis suggests that halfbeaks are relatively basal members of Beloniformes, and the needlefish morphology is relatively derived.’
    • ‘In flyingfishes, and in some halfbeaks such as Arrhamphus (and other genera not included in this study, e.g., Chriodorus and Melapedaliori), the extended lower jaw is lost in adults.’
    • ‘Flyingfishes are nested within halfbeaks, and sauries are nested within needlefishes.’