Definition of half the battle in English:

half the battle


  • An important step towards achieving something.

    ‘he never gives in, and that's half the battle’
    • ‘However, all these matter are only half the battle.’
    • ‘If they approve of you, you've won half the battle.’
    • ‘But they admit that being a good rider is only half the battle.’
    • ‘If you've ever had the displeasure of tangling with your landlord at the rental board, you know getting yourself down there is half the battle.’
    • ‘If a good start is half the battle then two good starts will surely win most battles.’
    • ‘Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and body is half the battle at this stage.’
    • ‘But let's take it a step further and say that recruiting and training is only half the battle.’
    • ‘Curiosity is the first step towards knowledge, and knowing is half the battle.’
    • ‘I knew that was only half the battle - exercise was going to be an important component to my weight loss.’
    • ‘Winning self-government is only half the battle; for thereafter you have to start governing yourselves and this is a lot more difficult than it sounds.’