Definition of half note in English:

half note


North American
  • A note having the time value of two crotchets or half a semibreve, represented by a ring with a stem.

    Also called minim
    • ‘The aptly titled Creepy Crotchets is written almost entirely in quarter-note values, with occasional half notes, and is based on the familiar creepy minor arpeggiated chord theme.’
    • ‘Rhythmic values are quarter, eighth and half notes, and only the major finger pattern is used in the first chorale.’
    • ‘Contrapunctus I, which exposes the subject in its original form (do-sol-me-do-ti-do-re-me-fa-me-re-do), was played in a slow tempo, with an almost dry separation of the initial four half notes each time the subject or answer appeared.’
    • ‘Behind his solo, the band plays a descending set of half notes and Watts builds off this.’
    • ‘Sometimes a half note is better than a full note, or no sound is better than a lot of sounds so you can contemplate something that's already been or create anticipation for something that's about to happen, like in a film score.’


half note