Definition of half back in English:

half back

(US halfback)


  • A player in a ball game such as soccer, rugby, or field hockey whose position is between the forwards and full backs.

    • ‘I made the run-on team but as a winger because the incumbent halfback was heaps bigger and faster than me, and also because the mate that introduced me to the club had broken his nose the previous week.’
    • ‘Hockey should follow suit with special coaches for goalkeepers, defenders, halfbacks and forwards.’
    • ‘This has been a continuation of an age-old argument in New Zealand rugby history when two halfbacks of similar class have been available.’
    • ‘From a rugby league point of view, if you talk mentors the biggest impact on me was Ricky Stuart, he was awesome and reinvented the way a halfback plays rugby league.’
    • ‘He played halfback in the Australian rugby union team and was scorer in a test at Lords.’


half back