Definition of half-uncial in English:



  • Denoting a style of medieval letter showing features of both uncial and cursive script.

    • ‘Most tickets produced with half-uncial typefaces were printed in Britain by Williamsons.’
    • ‘Ancient Celtic half-uncial script is beautiful, but generally inappropriate for contemporary use.’
    • ‘Prentice is a historical face based on the Irish insular half-uncial and minuscule hand that was prevalent in the Isles and on the Continent in the centuries before the Carolingian Renascence.’
    • ‘The manuscript is written in Humanistic script, and as such imitates the half-uncial and Caroline minuscule scripts.’
    • ‘The half-uncial script was the nearest rival to the uncial script in popularity from the fifth to the seventh century.’


  • A half-uncial letter.

    • ‘Irish half-uncials were especially beautiful, as evident in the famous Book of Kells (800?).’
    • ‘Historically uncials and half-uncials mark the transition to the development of a separate minuscule alphabet.’
    • ‘The elongated Celtic characters, called ‘insular half-uncials,’ are done with a quill.’
    • ‘The inscription is so much weathered that only parts of the first and last lines in half-uncials can be read.’
    • ‘Uncials were used from the 4th to 9th century as script; they continued to be used later as capitals with lowercase half-uncials and with gothic lettering.’