Definition of half-smile in English:



  • A slight or insincere smile.

    ‘a sardonic half-smile flickers over his face’
    • ‘Keen-eyed, she stares back at me, with a half-smile on her handsome features.’
    • ‘A strange, almost humored half-smile formed on his beautifully sculpted lips.’
    • ‘She offered her a half-smile, which the woman returned gratefully.’
    • ‘He's a somewhat rumpled everyman, frequently with a bemused half-smile on his face.’
    • ‘She leans into the tape recorder, her trademark half-smile amped to full.’
    • ‘My mother stood at the door with a half-smile.’
    • ‘A tiny, bitter half-smile was his only expression.’
    • ‘On the surface I maintained the enigmatic half-smile of the Mona Lisa.’
    • ‘He looks at you from under his eyelids with a kind of half-smile that hints at some secret knowledge.’
    • ‘He smiled the marvellous half-smile he uses for naughty children.’