Definition of half-pint in English:



  • A unit of capacity half as large as a pint.

    • ‘The beers, which will be released on a weekly basis, will be available in half pints only for £ 1.50.’
    • ‘Three years ago the plant converted its paper carton line to plastic bottles, except for half-pints for schools.’
    • ‘One unit equals a half pint of beer, a 175 ml glass of wine or a pub shot of spirit.’
    • ‘I put the fish on to steam, knocked a half-pint of parsely sauce together and took down the pack of Smash.’
    • ‘The newest filler for paper cartons turns out about 340 half pints a minute.’
    • ‘Upon leaving, he gave me a half-pint of the salve to bring home.’
    • ‘I relied on the half-pint of fat-free milk that is served at breakfast to quench my thirst.’
    • ‘By the end of the day, the alcohol from my half pint of beer had practically worn off.’
    • ‘A unit is a small glass of wine or a half-pint of beer.’
    • ‘I took a lovely walk through St Stephen's Green and then had a half pint of Guinness.’
    • ‘The bar staff were rushed off their feet getting cokes and half pints for everyone who then turned round and watched Friends on the TV screen over the fruit machines.’
    • ‘A half pint of beer is 284 ml.’
    • ‘Bock is sold by the half-pint only, presumably on account of its extra strength.’
    • ‘Hawkins knocked off another half-pint of whiskey and made his way back to the tiny stage.’
    • ‘I poured a half pint of petrol directly into the carburetor.’
    • ‘Strangely, while a pint of lager costs € 5, a half-pint costs € 4.’
    • ‘A half pint of cider delivers the same amount of antioxidants as a glass of red wine.’
    • ‘Now I can buy an extra half pint of milk.’
    • ‘I'm functioning on automatic pilot and am by then well on my way into the second half pint of coffee.’
    • ‘Others simply sit quietly under a large shady tree staring blankly into space as half-pints of liquor are passed from mouth to mouth in brown paper bags.’