Definition of half-naked in English:



  • Only partly clothed.

    ‘half-naked male models’
    • ‘The sculpture depicted a half-naked woman with an expression of agony, sitting atop a submarine.’
    • ‘Turning over on the couch, he pulls the blanket off his half-naked body.’
    • ‘We hope you will refrain from letting ads that have half-naked women into your classy magazine.’
    • ‘You see all those kids running half-naked across your television screen.’
    • ‘When the word 'yoga' comes up', he envisions a half-naked 'man, dressed only in a loin cloth, with his feet behind his head, chanting "ohm".’
    • ‘I've completely forgotten I'm half-naked in front of a room full of strangers.’
    • ‘The company thought a half-naked celebrity would help sell more burgers.’
    • ‘We spent hours baking half-naked in the sun.’
    • ‘The team trainer arrived the next morning to find men passed out all over the floor, half-naked, surrounded by crushed beer cans.’
    • ‘Along the way, she nearly runs over a half-naked girl standing in the middle of the road.’