Definition of half-jokingly in English:



  • Partly in a humorous manner and partly in earnest.

    ‘a friend and former teacher half-jokingly suggested we start a school together’
    • ‘He half-jokingly compares the studio industry to the hotel business, saying that his equipment and design choices reflect the needs of his clientele.’
    • ‘During one studio visit last winter, the artist regaled me half-jokingly with stories about his relationship to a real-life barnyard rooster in Normandy.’
    • ‘The basketball tournament was an idea we'd been talking about half-jokingly for several months.’
    • ‘The writer half-jokingly said that, though he loved humanity, he couldn't stand individuals.’
    • ‘Its conclusion is so upbeat that a friend suggested, only half-jokingly, that it could be turned into a Broadway musical.’
    • ‘He ended his remarks by half-jokingly telling reporters to put stories about his recovery bond on their front pages.’
    • ‘I sometimes say, half-jokingly, that this job would be easy if it weren't for the people.’
    • ‘"It was like making a dance for a whole city," he said of the process, which he only half-jokingly likened to chaos theory.’
    • ‘At the end of one of my therapy sessions last week I half-jokingly asked the doctor, "Who dies from a skin rash?"’
    • ‘Once in the hallway, he half-jokingly asks me, for the seventh time that day, about the secret of my fruitfulness.’