Definition of half-island in English:



  • 1A piece of land almost surrounded by water; a peninsula.

    • ‘The country consists of a large, mountainous island (half-island, actually), much longer than it is wide.’
    • ‘He has chosen to ferry his men by sea, to the ragged half-island between the York and the James.’
    • ‘He was not concerned that the peninsula was a half-island.’
    • ‘They fixed on island or half-island sites where they could be free from interference.’
    • ‘The peninsula, in effect a half-island appended to Eurasia, is burdened with geographic features that tend to encourage predatory behavior on the part of the great powers.’
    cape, promontory, point, head, headland, foreland, ness, horn, bill, bluff, limb
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    1. 1.1 A piece of land made up of half or part of an island.
      • ‘Previously the half island had been a neglected backwater lacking industry, basic infrastructure or services.’
      • ‘Experts reckoned the half-island would need up to $200 million a year in foreign aid for five years.’
      • ‘The half island with a population of just 800,000 people is one of the most impoverished countries in the world.’
      • ‘Contracts potentially worth billions of dollars are being placed in jeopardy, threatening the main source of revenue for the impoverished half-island.’
      • ‘They eventually were allowed into the half-island and moved in with their grandmother who lived there.’
      • ‘As a small half-island economy, East Timor is characterised by a large traditional sector, producing primarily for subsistence.’
      • ‘In effect, the half-island's currency will now be controlled by the United States Treasury.’