Definition of half-inch in English:



  • A unit of length half as long as an inch.

    • ‘The exposed part of the slightly tapered handle is six inches long and about a half-inch in diameter.’
    • ‘We were separated by a half-inch of Perspex stretching from floor to ceiling.’
    • ‘The shaft length between clubs also changes by about a half-inch.’
    • ‘Their half-inch of pedal offset makes for an extremely wide pedaling platform, which works best with non-clipless pedals - where constant shifting about is the name of the game.’
    • ‘The TV news later stated that up to 9 inches had fallen at some Connecticut Valley locations but we saw only about a half-inch.’
    • ‘Water thoroughly when the top half-inch of soil dries out.’
    • ‘Hoss' jaw thrust out a good half-inch and his eyes narrowed.’
    • ‘Your walking or running shoe should be a half-inch longer than the length of your longest toe.’
    • ‘Get a ball that has the pin three to four inches out, and locate the pin about an inch above and a half-inch to the right of the ring finger (for a righthander, opposite for lefthanders).’
    • ‘Despite an increase in cholesterol, he actually lost three pounds, decreased his fat mass and dropped a half-inch around the waist.’
    • ‘And as the general indicated, that level is reducing by about an inch, a half-inch an hour.’
    • ‘Mine are presently a half-inch above the heel of my shoes.’
    • ‘He only joined the motor trade after being rejected by the police because he was a half-inch too short.’
    • ‘They took a half-inch away last year and then to take a whole inch was a pretty bold change.’
    • ‘Now after several hours, both yesterday and today, of dutifully following the above steps, I was rewarded with the satisfaction of being merely a half-inch away from my goal - that point when mouth and hilt are one.’
    • ‘Holes about a quarter to a half-inch in size are needed in the bin for aeration.’
    • ‘The Power Dot, from a company called findtheDOT, is a gadget the size and shape of a matchbox: about an inch by an inch by a half-inch.’
    • ‘On the very last part of my swing, my wrist and thumb were turned about a half-inch off where they should have been.’
    • ‘These active insectivores are usually pretty small, roughly 5.5 inches in length, give or take a half-inch.’
    • ‘The Lexus' wheelbase, at 105.1 inches, is two inches shorter than the BMW, but its overall length is a mere half-inch shorter.’


  • Steal.

    ‘she had her handbag half-inched’
    • ‘Ian said: ‘I was really angry when I discovered our Green Monkey had been half-inched.’’
    • ‘I suspect Grant half-inched the idea from William Burroughs, even though Burroughs talks about language as a virus, rather than cities - the ideas strike me as too similar to be coincidence.’
    • ‘The dear Winona was arrested for half-inching clothes from a designer store.’
    • ‘It's pretty much possible to get a corporation to synthesize smallpox DNA already - what happens when this technology is abstracted out into universities, or when the technology to do it gets half-inched off the back of a lorry?’
    • ‘Plus, someone tried to half-inch you using a JCB and a speedboat.’
    • ‘And later, Kane decides to take the good guy route and destroy Greg's contact details, which he half-inched from Peter Baker's jotter.’
    • ‘Ex-con Johnny Clay gets cold-blooded Arane to shoot a racehorse and chess-playing thug Maurice to start a commotion while he half-inches the green.’
    • ‘Well, when I was in Italy your countrymen tried to half-inch everything not nailed down.’
    • ‘We don't know about you, but if we were anywhere near the band's equipment, we'd be trying to half-inch it, not destroy it but that may say more about us than the Babyshambles fans.’
    • ‘I understand they smashed a hole in the wall and half-inched the transmission equipment out.’
    • ‘Not since victim-of-allegations-of-art-crime-serial-killing epic ‘I have not been to Oxford Town ‘was half-inched for Starship Troopers has a culture-concept car crash left me so aesthetically tumescent.’
    • ‘Hence, while they wouldn't blink an eye at half-inching a Nana Mouskouri vocal sample, or appearing as deranged doctors for The Everlasting Blink album, their musical map has always directed them down the road less well travelled.’
    • ‘As such, I thought I'd draw up the following ways of ensuring people don't half-inch your precious personal communications accessory…’
    • ‘You can accuse MS of many things, but not being able to recognise when something is proving to be popular and passing up the opportunity to half-inch it for themselves isn't one of them.’
    • ‘We discovered that someone with a 5mm Allen key had half-inched the forks off Martyn's bike.’
    • ‘It's unashamedly pop, and I've heard it three times now, and still think the chorus melody is partly half-inched from ‘Step Into Christmas’, but they just about get away with it, Clint grinning and singing his heart out behind his Farfisa.’
    purloin, thieve, take, take for oneself, help oneself to, loot, pilfer, abscond with, run off with, appropriate, abstract, carry off, shoplift
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