Definition of half-heartedly in English:



  • Without enthusiasm or energy.

    ‘he resumed his packing half-heartedly’
    • ‘I spent a few months half-heartedly applying to jobs online because I wasn't sure I really wanted to leave.’
    • ‘I have been half-heartedly trying to draft a post, but couldn't quite work up any enthusiasm.’
    • ‘He half-heartedly agreed to go.’
    • ‘They half-heartedly worked on a few new songs.’
    • ‘We talked half-heartedly for a while about London and house prices.’
    • ‘I started jogging half-heartedly on the spot.’
    • ‘I half-heartedly shoo the cat off the bed.’
    • ‘He offers up his worst side, arguing unconvincingly and half-heartedly.’
    • ‘He inherited a health service struggling half-heartedly with reform.’
    • ‘I started half-heartedly doing the Christmas shopping today.’