Definition of half-grown in English:



  • Not yet fully grown or mature.

    ‘cows with their half-grown calves’
    ‘half-grown fruit’
    • ‘Scattered between the sleeping cats were several cubs of varying ages and both sexes from small unweaned kittens to half-grown yearlings.’
    • ‘Shipped from Argentina, a cargo of 2,750 eggs landed in Brisbane as half-grown larvae.’
    • ‘Here are two half-grown black cats perched on a lump of old teakettle brick plastic garbage ten feet from the west bank of the River.’
    • ‘The half-grown pair, which is among the latest additions to the rich collection at the aquarium, measures about six inches in length.’
    • ‘A six-year-old child can't live on his own, but a half-grown wolf already has the tools and the instincts he needs.’
    • ‘Just three weeks after hatching, the half-grown chick flaps down into the ocean and learns to feed.’
    • ‘The company behind the scheme folded in 2002, making 40 people redundant and leaving farmers with acres of half-grown coppicing plantations on their hands.’
    • ‘Klaas' family lived much the same story 25 years ago when his father died of cancer, leaving behind a half-grown family.’
    • ‘It seems like he was my baby last week and now he is half-grown.’
    • ‘Behind her were two half-grown cubs from last year's litter.’