Definition of half-dead in English:



  • In a state of extreme exhaustion or weakness.

    ‘he stumbles back into town, half-dead from exposure’
    • ‘They are pale skinny people who look half-dead.’
    • ‘I pointed to the closet where she used to keep our half-dead worm army.’
    • ‘The yellow lighting makes everyone look half-dead or badly bruised.’
    • ‘Most of the birds are half-dead from fear or the injuries they suffer, by the time they reach the destination.’
    • ‘At last we may breathe some life into this half-dead institution.’
    • ‘We were half-dead by the time we were back at the point where the tunnels forked.’
    • ‘Having found the den, she rests in the shade of a half-dead tree.’
    • ‘Ten years ago, he found you half-dead in the snow.’
    • ‘Several years ago, I found a half-dead carp flapping around on the surface of the pond.’
    • ‘I have been sitting on a comfortable chair in a pleasant room doing very straightforward work with nice people, yet I am half-dead with tiredness.’