Definition of half-boot in English:



  • A boot that reaches up to the calf.

    • ‘The half-boot is a right and left lace-up boot that comes in both rough black and rough natural and sizes 7 to 15 (D and EE Widths only).’
    • ‘Dogs are not generally apt to revenge injuries inflicted upon them by their masters; but Mr. Sikes's dog, having faults of temper in common with his owner, and labouring, perhaps, at this moment, under a powerful sense of injury, made no more ado but at once fixed his teeth in one of the half-boots.’
    • ‘Created by Hunter of Scotland for the Royal Horticultural Society, these wellies, half-boots and clogs feature three different watercolor studies by British artist Bryan Poole.’
    • ‘My 4' 9'' powerhouse of a grandmother, Iris, always in an apron, with sturdy lace-up half-boots, is long gone, and with it her recipe.’
    • ‘Fugawee's laced half-boot is a left-right model of the Hi-Lo Trekker.’
    • ‘This coloured silk embroidery decorates the sides and toes of a pair of women's half-boots of the 1880s.’
    • ‘Certainly it will be with this blissfully cool and light half-boot.’
    • ‘Caligula was the nickname given to him by soldiers because from a few years old he used to wear the miniature uniform of a private soldier, which included the half-boot known as a caliga, and caligula is a familiar diminutive of this word, effectively naming him ‘little half-boot’.’
    • ‘The rough-out half-boot was topped with a canvas legging that inspired monumental and creative cursing when it had to be laced in a hurry.’
    • ‘The clothing was as plain as it could possibly be, almost severe, and he had forgone the customary heeled shoes in favor of military half-boots.’
    • ‘So since Christmas of 2006 - I have ordered another pair of the simple poke half-boots.’
    • ‘Boots and half-boots often had fur adornments and were extremely colourful, but comfort was equally as important.’
    • ‘During the years 1813-1815, the hems are a bit shorter, allowing a view of half-boots or sandals laced up the ankle.’
    gumboot, wellington, wader, walking boot, riding boot, field boot, jackboot, thigh boot, ankle boot, pixie boot, chelsea boot, balmoral, desert boot, moon boot, snow boot
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