Definition of halesome in English:



  • Wholesome.

    ‘the friendly pub and halesome fare’
    • ‘It was porridge of which I feel sure Burns would have approved, when he wrote the line, ‘halesome parritch, chief o' Scotia's food’.’
    • ‘The sense that porridge is a food of the poor is underlined in Stevenson's Kidnapped, where the miserly Ebenezer Balfour chows down on a bowl of oats, despite his huge wealth, exclaiming: ‘They're fine, halesome food - they're grand food, parritch.’’
    • ‘They're bonny fish and halesome farin'.’
    • ‘You are welcome, don't forget to buy me something halesome.’
    • ‘This was the British colonial linguistics in action, applying their term (to be specific, the Scottish term, for a food preparation that led Bobby Burns to wax rhapsodic on ‘the halesome parritch’) to a range of food preparations across Africa that had no direct analog in Europe.’