Definition of Halafian in English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting a prehistoric culture extending from Syria to the Mediterranean coast and eastern Turkey (late 6th and early 5th millennium BC). This culture is identified primarily by the use of polychrome pottery (Halaf ware).

    • ‘During the Early Chalcolithic Age, painted pottery of the Hassunan and Halafian cultures of northern Iraq is very common.’
    • ‘One of the key issues related to this pottery is whether or not it originates in, or is inspired by, the Halafian traditions known from the northern Levant.’
    • ‘But, wide-spread Halafian excavation sites have much more in common than styles of pottery.’
    • ‘Our second major research goal was to assess the size and composition of households in a small Halafian community.’
    • ‘Sharply beaked faces are seen on some early Egyptian, Balkan, Halafian and Cycladic matrikas.’
    1. 1.1as noun the Halafian The Halafian culture or period.


1930s: from the place name Tell Halaf(in NE Syria, where the pottery was first discovered) + -ian.