Definition of haka party in English:

haka party


  • A group of people performing a a Maori ceremonial war dance.

    ‘it was a stirring rendition by the school's haka party’
    • ‘There was a performance of the famous Ka mate haka by the Anglican church haka party.’
    • ‘The Auckland Star reported the haka party incident with the bold headline 'Gang rampage at varsity'.’
    • ‘Ready to perform for the royal visitors, a large haka party crouches down.’
    • ‘He was welcomed to the centre in Manukau by a haka party of students.’
    • ‘He led the protest group to stop that year's "haka party" performance.’
    • ‘There was no haka party or poi dance.’
    • ‘This so surprised the haka party that they beat a hasty retreat.’
    • ‘He led a haka party of about 200 men, women and children to greet the official entourage.’
    • ‘He was greeted by a haka party of 'stalwart Maori warriors' on the shoreline.’
    • ‘It is bad form, in the extreme, not to acknowlege the challenge and a weakness not to meet it The haka party has had its say.’