Definition of hairpin bend in English:

hairpin bend

(North American hairpin turn)


  • A sharp U-shaped bend in a road.

    • ‘He came to a hairpin bend where he saw Norma sitting in her parked car.’
    • ‘Winding roads, with nail-biting hairpin bends, offer views over steep wooded slopes and the jagged profile of the Alpi Apuane mountain range, where chestnut trees, olive groves and tall cypresses proliferate.’
    • ‘Sometimes, rounding one of the hairpin bends on the main roads, you see a work-party of men in pink uniforms mending the road or building a house.’
    • ‘The hairpin bend in the snow-dusted mountain road is looming.’
    • ‘We could begin 138 years ago when war reached a Mississippi river town, a cotton-shipping port that overlooked a hairpin bend in the river.’
    • ‘A hairpin bend takes us to a lookout spot in a bay.’
    • ‘Christian had told me about the crash, and the fact that the car had gone over a cliff on a hairpin bend.’
    • ‘After an exhausting drive along motorways and up a steep road full of hairpin bends, we arrived at our hotel at 5 a.m.’
    • ‘The opening day takes place over narrow and slippery vineyard roads, which consist mostly of straights and tight hairpin bends.’
    • ‘At one point, we zipped through 22 hairpin bends of tightly curled switchbacks and descended more than 10,000 ft.’
    • ‘Two cars at a time raced side-by-side around a purpose-built floodlit track which included a water splash, a breathtaking jump and long, sweeping hairpin bends.’
    • ‘The rise in altitude from 6,000 ft to double that was reached via heartstoppingly steep gradients and hairpin bends.’
    • ‘Though the panther was many hundred feet below, it could easily run through the bush, scramble up the embankment and surprise them around a hairpin bend!’
    • ‘But the youngsters who zoom on their bikes curving along the hairpin bends have to take a day off.’
    • ‘However, one slight downside to the mountainous terrain is that it's a bit less forgiving of driving errors; one slight misjudgement on a hairpin bend while in control of a tank can send it spiralling down to an explosive end.’
    • ‘There are the special stages - typically around 25 per three-day rally - where drivers hit speeds of up to 130 mph on rutted dusty roads with plenty of hairpin bends and little room for error.’
    • ‘Our next rest came at a hairpin bend on another descent, with a small waterfall beyond, from which we drank as we watched, way beneath us, an apparently tiny river meandering its way through the remote valley.’
    • ‘It is not a hugely quick track, with two hairpin bends at each end and quick straights punctuated by chicanes which see the drivers right up on to the kerbs.’
    • ‘At the end of another descent and hairpin bend there was a hidden waterfall that came right up to the side of the road.’
    • ‘But be warned: the roads themselves are frighteningly narrow with almost impossible hairpin bends.’
    bend, turn, loop, curl, twist, hook
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hairpin bend