Definition of hairline in English:



  • 1The edge of a person's hair, especially on the forehead.

    • ‘Receding hairlines and a casual composure on stage showed that this was a band with an obvious level of maturity demonstrated by their musicianship and vocal finesse.’
    • ‘Nowadays, however, more and more men are shaving their heads whether their hairlines are receding or not.’
    • ‘If my face had had any kind of connection with my brain at that moment, my eyebrows would have shot up to my hairlines.’
    • ‘I almost wouldn't mind going back to listening to Carly's random ramblings about celebrity hairlines and winning online auction strategies.’
    • ‘But careful scrutiny often reveals a multitude of imperfections: blotchy skin, receding hairlines, crooked teeth or unusually large ears.’
    • ‘The same happened to men whose doctors had said that there was nothing that could be done for their receding hairlines and baldness, as hereditary factors were to blame.’
    • ‘Steve, I have loved men with receding hairlines and men who are bald since I was about 15.’
    • ‘Using a hair pick or the tail of a rattail comb separate out a strand of hair from the front section of the hairline near the forehead.’
    • ‘But this served to galvanise our intentions of playing again despite our advancing years and receding hairlines.’
    • ‘Defined fringes with asymmetry and sculptured hairlines at the nape and sides finish the looks, while tonal colour featured in the collection emphasizes form and texture, enhancing a brilliant shine.’
    • ‘Now these guys are veterans and it has to be said that the receding hairlines and the fuller figures no longer evoke the fear and awe that the band's persona once instilled in the public.’
    • ‘The best scenario is to place the mic at the center of the actor's forehead at the hairline or over the ear pointing toward the mouth.’
    • ‘The images are not of young men or adolescents, but men with receding hairlines, gray or graying hair.’
    • ‘These may be coarse grey hair, prematurely grey hair, or the grey hair around the temples and hairlines.’
    • ‘The incision is usually made in the hairline so that hair will eventually cover the surgical scar.’
    • ‘Another interesting medieval tradition: women at the time would pluck their hairlines in order to attain higher foreheads, which were considered more attractive at the time.’
    • ‘Now young boys and girls also suffer receding hairlines.’
    • ‘Receding hairlines and the arrival of the bald patch are feared by men around the globe.’
    • ‘All across the land, chaps with hairlines receding and waistlines advancing are sitting up late and snapping their fingers.’
    • ‘Who says ‘Greatest Hits' albums are for burnt out singers, with their shelf lives receding more rapidly than their hairlines?’
  • 2as modifier Very thin or fine.

    ‘a hairline fracture’
    ‘a hairline crack’
    • ‘He went to the sidelines in July with a hairline fracture in his right knee.’
    • ‘The MRI showed the hairline fractures have already begun to mend.’
    • ‘He confirmed that he has a hairline fracture of his thumb and is not anticipating a return to action for at least three weeks.’
    • ‘She had a severe concussion and a hairline fracture in her hip, where she fell.’
    • ‘A hairline fracture of his cheekbone is a painful reminder of his escapade.’
    • ‘Post-race X rays revealed a hairline fracture in his troublesome left front leg.’
    • ‘When I went for an X-ray, our doctor said it is a small hairline fracture so I need not worry.’
    • ‘If you don't wait, settlement and hairline cracks may appear and could very well tear the wallpaper.’
    • ‘It was confirmed last night that he had suffered one hairline fracture.’
    • ‘Never before has a movie founded its mayhem and misdeeds on a hairline fracture in a pair of animal horns.’
    • ‘A scan showed that my skull had a hairline fracture and that I had a life-threatening blood clot on the brain.’
    • ‘The little American is always impassive on his bike, and yesterday was no exception, despite the constant jarring of the hairline fracture.’
    • ‘The rock is as smooth as a windowpane and split by a single hairline fracture.’
    • ‘A violent tremor shot through the ground, bringing a hairline fracture to the surface.’
    • ‘The pessimist in me thinks that this is a hairline fracture.’
    • ‘He is playing with a hairline fracture of his right thumb but insists the injury does not affect him.’
    • ‘Its engineers have now confirmed that there are 1850 rails with hairline cracks.’
    • ‘Then they checked their X-rays again and found I didn't have a broken bone in my foot, just a hairline fracture.’
    • ‘He was taken out of training in July because of a hairline fracture in his right knee.’
    • ‘I am pretty sure I have a hairline fracture of the finger and that will obviously keep me sidelined for a while.’