Definition of hair straighteners in English:

hair straighteners

plural noun

  • A device incorporating two narrow heated plates used for straightening a person's hair.

    ‘the fire was started by hair straighteners being left on’
    • ‘The firm, which imports and sells ceramic hair straighteners, is moving to purpose-built business premises.’
    • ‘I caught him trying and failing to give himself a floppy fringe using Bridget's hair straighteners.’
    • ‘Detectives found clothing, footwear, handbags, and hair straighteners during searches across the area yesterday.’
    • ‘Hair straighteners were supposed to be compulsorily used by every woman, regardless of age, hair type, race.’
    • ‘I will never own a set of hair straighteners.’
    • ‘In the tiny, tidy room, her hair straighteners are on a bedside table.’
    • ‘He burned his right arm with hair straighteners.’
    • ‘I will pay all the bills before I go out shopping for new curtains and new hair straighteners.’
    • ‘She tried to claim a pair of £100 hair straighteners on her parliamentary expenses.’
    • ‘This week she is sporting two scalds on her forehead, where she has branded herself with the hair straighteners.’