Definition of hair dye in English:

hair dye


mass noun
  • A natural or synthetic substance used to change the colour of a person's hair.

    ‘he's given up using hair dye’
    count noun ‘peroxide hair dyes’
    • ‘Apropos of absolutely nothing, he was seen recently at a hair salon getting his hair dyed.’
    • ‘They weren't big on buying me my hair dye.’
    • ‘Nothing ever seemed to change with her, except for maybe a new hair dye.’
    • ‘The magazine currently has its own line of hair dye.’
    • ‘She cocked her head to the side, then eyed the boxes of hair dye in Lynn's hands.’
    • ‘Brushing my hair, I caught the sweet smell of purple hair dye invading my nostrils.’
    • ‘Toss out the hair dye, and cancel the facelift.’
    • ‘When a bottle of blond hair dye appeared in her hand, I yelped.’
    • ‘She had used the hair dye to dye the bottom five inches of her flaming red hair black.’
    • ‘The culture is simply mass performance, involving speech, hair dye, footwear, body piercings, choice of diet.’