Definition of hair curler in English:

hair curler


usually hair curlers
  • A roller or clasp around which a lock of hair is wrapped to curl it.

    ‘Mother was particularly memorable in her pink night gown and hair curlers’
    • ‘Inside the hair curlers were 13 live finches.’
    • ‘Her hair curlers litter the sand like strange sea creatures.’
    • ‘Cartoons were once populated by henpecked husbands and conniving wives in hair curlers.’
    • ‘I use empty toilet paper rollers as hair curlers.’
    • ‘On her next visit, she had her electric hair curlers.’
    • ‘As far as we know, the moustache curler was used in a similar way as a modern hair curler.’
    • ‘Using old hair curlers, she found a way to keep the squirrels away.’
    • ‘Do people still buy corn plasters and hair curlers?’
    • ‘Another much-told tale features the teaching assistant arriving in class wearing pink hair curlers.’
    • ‘When I was growing up, it was considered a mortal sin to be seen out in public wearing hair curlers.’