Definition of hair conditioner in English:

hair conditioner


  • A liquid applied to the hair after shampooing to improve its condition.

    ‘argan is traditionally mixed with jojoba oil as a hair conditioner’
    mass noun ‘a few teaspoons of olive oil or hair conditioner are applied to the hair’
    • ‘Our daily wander yesterday led us down to Silva Bueno to get tangerines and hair conditioner.’
    • ‘Use a hair conditioner that will protect your hair from the high heat of a blow dryer.’
    • ‘She tiptoes through the garden and tells you how to use watercress as a hair conditioner for oily hair.’
    • ‘Use them as moisturizers, bath oils, aftershaves, lip balms, and even hair conditioners.’
    • ‘You can't spend a week out in the mountains and not have hair conditioner.’
    • ‘What the writer knows about scientists seems to be confined to models in lab coats talking about enzyme-boosting hair conditioners.’
    • ‘Instead of shaving cream, use lotion or hair conditioner to shave.’
    • ‘Some silicone polymers are slippery oils, which are used as lubricants, paint binders, and fluids for cosmetics and hair conditioners.’
    • ‘Leave-in hair conditioners are designed to penetrate or settle down into the layer of the cuticle.’
    • ‘Hair conditioners soak into the tiny little overlapping scales.’