Definition of hahnium in English:



mass noun
  • The name formerly proposed by the American Chemical Society for the chemical element of atomic number 105 (dubnium), and by IUPAC for element 108 (hassium).

    • ‘The heaviest element whose discovery has been previously confirmed is element 105, hahnium.’
    • ‘Investigation of the chemical properties of the actinides was followed more recently by chemical studies of the first three transactinides - rutherfordium, hahnium, and seaborgium.’
    • ‘They proposed the name hahnium - after the late German scientist Otto Hahn - and symbol Ha.’
    • ‘The name ‘bohrium ‘was recommended for 107 (instead of GSI's choice of nielsbohrium), and ‘hahnium ‘for 108 (instead of GSI's choice of hassium).’’
    • ‘Some scientists still use the earlier name of hahnium because it had been used for about 25 years.’


1970s: named in honour of Otto Hahn (see Hahn, Otto).