Definition of haggle in English:



  • Dispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.

    ‘the two sides are haggling over television rights’
    • ‘We shouldn't overlook the fact that you will be haggling if you're trading in a car.’
    • ‘In fact, as the afternoon wears on I find that web-searching rather than haggling often gets me the best prices.’
    • ‘Who cares that you will probably be ripped off if you're in a country used to haggling for items, as the experience will be remembered?’
    • ‘It might seem, therefore, that the two parties could now start haggling about the final boundaries.’
    • ‘I have a bus to catch in five minutes, and I can't waste my time haggling with you.’
    • ‘Most travel companies are accustomed to haggling over prices with each other.’
    • ‘How would you feel about haggling over the price of your next holiday?’
    • ‘Imagine how much we'll save on court costs and haggling over that silly bill of rights.’
    • ‘Everyday villagers were haggling for the costs of fruits and vegetables in the market.’
    • ‘Besides, at the end of the day, isn't all negotiation haggling?’
    • ‘It was almost impossible to hear anything, there were all kinds of strange creatures haggling and bartering.’
    • ‘Do you really feel like you've escaped shabby housing, nosy neighbors and haggling with the fishmonger?’
    • ‘You can always find a bunch of tourists haggling with restaurant staff over the ingredients of certain dishes.’
    • ‘The film is shut down and the insurance company starts haggling over who will pick up the bill.’
    • ‘Negotiations, haggling and manoeuvres are taking place both in the open and behind the scenes.’
    • ‘I have an aversion to mean people and I'd rather pay the entire dinner bill than listen to people haggling about who had a second sambuca.’
    • ‘You can also try haggling over the price for a private taxi.’
    • ‘Negotiators haggled over every word in the official statement, while lower echelons of the delegations supplied the media with derogatory comments about rival politicians.’
    • ‘Fish of all shapes and sizes are for sale, with traders gathering round to see what had come in, haggling loudly over price.’
    • ‘The docks on the inner city were a mixture of busy dock workers loading and unloading cargo, while wealthy merchants haggled back and forth about the costs and duties on their wares.’
    barter, bargain, negotiate, discuss terms, quibble, wrangle
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  • A period of haggling.

    ‘an inevitable and lengthy haggle over compensation’
    • ‘A short haggle with Granny over and done with - Granny won, but then she always does - I left with a silly smile on my face.’
    • ‘He seemed furious at first and then a heated haggle occurred.’
    • ‘There are many theories surrounding the art of bargaining in the bazaar, but there are only two really serious breaches of etiquette: not bargaining over the price, and walking away empty-handed after a lengthy haggle.’
    • ‘Sarah, who loves a good haggle, got the phone guy up to $32,000.’
    • ‘The haggle seems to be over them.’


Late 16th century (in the sense ‘hack, mangle’): from Old Norse hǫggva ‘hew’.