Definition of Hades in English:


proper noun

Greek Mythology
  • 1The underworld; the land of the spirits of the dead.

    1. 1.1The god of the underworld, one of the sons of Cronus.
      Also called pluto
    2. 1.2informal Hell.
      • ‘The number of women worldwide over all history consigned to Hades by Roger for having abortions must be in the hundreds of millions.’
      • ‘He has not got a snowball's chance in the flames of Hades of convincing me!’
      • ‘Nevertheless, it is a non-profit-making venture without a hope in Hades of bagging corporate sponsorship.’
      • ‘It's good stuff, too, straight out of the earth and hot as Hades, and you can boil a teakettle in a couple of minutes.’
      • ‘Andy, Markie, and Sarah all got in a Hades and warned Kevin not to shoot them.’
      • ‘They are infernal machines, designed by Satan's minions in the darkest recesses of Hades.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, our heroine is dead and in Hades, retelling her story from across the River Styx.’
      • ‘But better not inflame passions with references to Hades or the netherworld?’
      • ‘My life, also know as Hades, turned into hell when my mother passed away.’
      • ‘I said, moments after I had given a resounding cheer that we had, for the last time, descended from Hades.’
      • ‘Most people ended up in Hades, a dark, gloomy place with howling dogs, screaming monsters and the souls of the dead.’
      • ‘Much to my surprise he had gone to Hades or hell as you know it - and overthrew its ruler of darkness.’
      • ‘When I tried to help these patients my practice and my life descended into the equivalent of a medical Hades.’
      • ‘And so, this reform group set about innovating a series of technical changes which would begin to blast the hierarchy to Hades.’
      • ‘However, this being the mortal plane and not Hades, these various screw-ups all had a happy ending.’
      • ‘If there is justice in the afterlife, he is getting banged around Hades like a brick in a clothes drier.’
      • ‘Until you find the Kingdom of Hades, your bodies will stay as lifeless as stone.’
      • ‘He gave them weights and measures, taught them all arts, and escorted the dead to Hades.’
      • ‘The romance between he and his beloved is legend as is his decent to Hades.’
      • ‘If you are a litterer, enjoy it because you are surely going to Hades for your sins.’


From Greek Haidēs, of unknown origin.